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CoinCoach is the most comprehensive collection of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency informational resources. Our team of analysts and developers bring a wealth of experience and perspective to this sometimes overwhelmingly technical industry. Our course offerings are tailored to different experience levels so you can start from any background. Better yet, with our accelerated programs you can go from 0 experience to being a fully certified blockchain developer or cryptocurrency day trader in less than 90 days!

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With new content added every week, CoinCoach has something for you. Learning to code? Looking for enterprise solutions? Want the inside edge on exciting new projects? Our experts are here to guide you through every step of the process.

Make connections with blockchain professionals all over the World

The social platform that powers the CoinCoach network allows members to connect with professionals from all corners of the globe. Course authors are part of the network and curate groups where students can ask questions and get advice directly from their instructors.


Earn cryptocurrency while you explore decentralized technology with CoinCoach

Whether you’re watching, talking, reading, or sharing on CoinCoach, you’ll earn tokens. Members can trade blocks for special discounts on CoinCoach products, affiliate merchandise, or even Bitcoin.

Become Blockchain Certified in a variety of disciplines from Technical Analysis to Blockchain Programming

Blockchain technology is new, but it is also changing at an incredible rate. Becoming certified in decentralized tech shows potential employers that you are at the cutting edge of your field. New blockchain startups are being launched every day and the demand for developers is at an all time high. Start on your path to blockchain expertise today with CoinCoach and our Certified Blockchain programs!


Recent Reviews

Just some of what our amazing members have to say about our platform!

Amelia Anakova

Amazing Community

CoinCoach was an instant match for me. I've been looking for certification in blockchain tech to bring new products to my marketing firm in Kiev ever since the all time highs in 2017. Guided paths from CoinCoach bring this to me and my employees.

Amelia Anakova
Kiev, Ukraine
Francis Pouliot

Education = Adoption

On-boarding new users comes with the same risk that exists with every innovative product or technology; if people don't know how to use it, they won't. Guided platforms like CoinCoach are bridging the gap by getting new users the info they need at the start!

Francis Pouliot
Montreal, Quebec
Nicholas Grissom

Incredible Results!

Coming from Forex markets I was skeptical because we deal with 1 - 2% swings over a day. A lot of my clients were pushing me to get into crypto but until I found CoinCoach I wasn't ready to stand behind the risk. Now, I'm making 1% per day using what I learned in the TA course!!

Nicholas Grissom
San Francisco, CA

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