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US Man Pleads Guilty to Running $25 Million Bitcoin Laundering Scheme

A Los Angeles man pleaded guilty to running a $25 million Bitcoin (BTC) money laundering scheme and sale of methamphetamine. Possible life sentence News outlet U.S....

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Cointelegraph Launches Korean HQ in Seoul, Expanding Presence in Asia

Cointelegraph is pleased to announce that we are continuing to increase our presence in Asia with the launch of Cointelegraph Korea. Today, Aug. 23,...

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House Financial Services Committee Will Continue Libra Review

Representative Maxine Waters, chair of the United States House of Representatives’ Financial Services Committee, says the committee will continue to review Facebook’s proposed cryptocurrency...

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Winklevoss Twins on Bitcoin: ‘Wall Street Has Been Asleep at the Wheel’

The Winklevoss twins — Bitcoin (BTC) bulls and founders of the Gemini crypto exchange — say its retail investors who are still largely reaping...

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Crypto Advocate Patrick Byrne Resigns as CEO of Overstock

Noted crypto advocate Patrick Byrne has resigned as CEO of Overstock. Per a letter of resignation and company statement posted on Twitter Aug. 22, Patrick...

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