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    A list of all of the rules regarding the CoinCoach website and forums. Valid as of: 3/27/2018

    1. No zero or low value, pointless or uninteresting posts or threads.

    2. No off-topic posts.

    3. No trolling.

    4. No referral code (ref link) spam.

    5. No link shorteners that require users to view ads.

    6. No linking to phishing or malware, without a warning and a valid reason (such as warning users about potential phishing and malware)

    7. No begging.

    8. No threats to inflict bodily harm, death threats.

    9. Discussions in the main boards must be in english.

    10. No embedded NSFW images anywhere. Meme’s allowed (Nothing containing nudity or otherwise inappropriate content)

    11. No linking to illegal trading sites.

    12. No duplicate posting in multiple boards.

    13. Bumps, “updates” are limited to once per 24 hours.[

    14. All altcoin related discussion belongs in the Alternate cryptocurrencies and it’s child boards.

    15. No on-forum altcoin giveaways.

    17. Trading of goods that are illegal in the seller’s or buyer’s country is forbidden.

    18. No account sales.

    19. Possible (or real) scams and Trust ratings aare not moderated (to prevent moderation abuse).

    21. Old bumps should be deleted.

    22. Advertising (this includes mining pools, gambling services, exchanges, shops, etc.) in others threads’ is not allowed, including, but not limited to, in altcoin announcement threads.

    23. When deciding if a user has broken the rules, the staff have the right to follow their interpretation of the rules.

    24. Advertisements (including signatures within the post area) in posts aren’t allowed unless the post is in a thread you started and is actually useful or of substance.

    25. Ban evasion (using or creating accounts while one of your accounts is banned) is not allowed.

    28. Exploiting bugs or flaws (even if the result is harmless) in the forum’s software is not allowed. (Please PM any bugs/suggestions to an admin/mod)

    29. Sending unsolicited PMs, including but not limited to advertising and flood, is not allowed.

    31. User avatars must not contain NSFL or NSFW content, infringe on copyright or attempt to impersonate a user.

    32. Posting multiple posts in a row (excluding bumps and reserved posts by the thread starter) is not allowed.

    33. Posting plagiarized content is not allowed.

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