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    Tommy Dotsenko

    The project is a revolutionary idea which could change your vision of the investment and trade.

    Nowadays, trade is generally unfair and we want to improve it. That is why ZDX was created. Socialist capitalists torture the poor and middle class of people in the economy based on credit. It describes as a transaction between a lender and a borrower, in which the borrower promises to pay back the money in the future along with interest.

    So this idea of ​​interest was developed for ZDX to share our income with all investors. It’s just simple, you invest and receive interest from ZDX revenue.

    The ZDX coin represents the Zer-Dex asset exchange. The team has self-financing so we can share an interest in our most loyal investors. The purpose of ZDX is to share revenue from the Zer-Dex exchange earnings and divide it into the number of masternodes running on the network. Each masternode receives 50% of the revenue from our exchange and pays BIR asset. Your earnings will depend on the volume and the conditions presented in the communication channel.

    Our goal is to increase the capital market in cryptocurrency to expand and have self-financing. The POS mining system, you can stake or create a masternode, 50% revenue from business income will be subdivided into each masternode running and this is additional prize to the masternode owner. They will be encouraged to stay in order to secure our network. We would like to encourage our investors to stay with us so the best way is to maintain a certain profitability with a return on investment.

    Zer-Dex exchange is a part of the BIRAKE network, it’s an amazing project for cryptocurrency exchanges.

    How does the BIRAKE network work? All exchanges on BIRAKE network are connected, we all have the same book of order. This means you can buy from the exchange “A” the orders on other exchanges “B, C, D…”

    It allows the network to automatically arbitrate and simplify purchases and sales for users at day rate if the traffic and volume is high. All network exchanges will receive trading fees depending on the volume and receive a payment every at the end of the month. The Birake network has 4 packages. Zer-Dex took package 2 and can be upgraded at any time.

    What is the ZDX coin? It is an asset of our exchange to use in trading to generate revenue and distribute it to investors. We would like investors to be eager to use Zer-Dex rather than another exchange on the Birake network. Estimated payment sharing is shown in the table below.

    This means that if we have 1 BTC daily volume (Zer-Dex Exchange), we have 30 BTC volumes per month approximately. If we have 100 MN’s ZDX active, each masternode owner will receive a value of BIR coin asset after paying of Birake Webmasters. Details of the example calculations are shown below.

    A. 1 BTC daily :

    1. 30 BTC * 0.15% = 0.045 BTC
    2. 0.045 BTC * 50 % = 0.0225 BTC
    3. 0.0225 / Rate-Day BIR (400 sat) = 5,625 BIR
    4. 5625 / 2 = 2,812.5 BIR (total revenue divided 2)
    5. 2812.5 / 100 = 28.125 BIR for each MN ZDX

    B. 100 BTC daily :

    1. 3000 BTC * 0.15% = 4.5 BTC
    2. 4.5 * 50% = 2.25 BTC
    3. 2.25 / Rate-Day BIR (400 sat) = 562,500 BIR
    4. 562’500 / 2 = 281,250 BIR (total revenue divided 2)
    5. 281’250 / 100 MN = 2,812.5 BIR for each MN ZDX

    Coin Name: Zer-Dex Coin
    Algo: Quark
    Rewards: 5-55 ZDX
    Distribution Rewards: 20% POS/80% MN
    Masternode Collateral: 10,000 ZDX
    Block Time: 1 minute
    ZDX supply in next 1 year: 11,080,000 ZDX
    ZDX Max supply in next 16 years: 89,000,000 ZDX
    Premine less than 1%: 820,000 ZDX
    Ticker coin: ZDX

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